Success Story: From 390 Pounds to 213 Pounds

Success Story: From 390 Pounds to 213 Pounds. Stephen Johnson Before & After. A Wise Way
Stephen Johnson Before & After. A Wise Way

Success Story: From 390 Pounds to 213 Pounds

Success Story: From 390 Pounds to 213 Pounds: All of my life until I was about twenty years old consisted of food and preparing for another football season. At my first birthday party I believe in a funny way my mother tried to map out my life early by having a cake that was shaped like a football field giving me a small taste of what life would be like. Naturally being a big guy and playing football I was an offensive linemen from the time I started participating in organized football. Throughout my life in my mind it was okay to be around three hundred and thirty pounds because I was active in sports (football and basketball). Along with football being my passion at a young age I truly began a connective relationship with Jesus. Not having a father growing up in addition to battling depression and anger issues my faith became the rock that I would lean on through my darkest times in my youth.

Flash forward to 2010 when I turned twenty years old I had an epiphany as I had a junior bacon cheeseburger in my hand, the way I was living[emaillocker] and the way I thought about myself was not healthy. From that day on I made a commitment to God and myself to become healthy in my mind, body, and soul. Now this was a process it did not begin that day, I was still eating a whole bunch of bad foods. Throughout this process I have come to see that people who are trying to change their lives around set themselves up for failure by having lofty goals. I began by changing my mindset about food. Food had become something I served instead of food doing what it was meant to do serve me with energy. It became my comforter when times were difficult so I had to change my security and place that in God. Second, I had to change my eating habits and cater them to my body type (I am about 6’2 or 6’3) so I needed to understand the body, specifically my body much more than I previously did. Lastly, developing a work out routine. For me it was walking and basketball that became my routine five to six days a week becoming disciplined and having a small group of people that will encourage me along with holding me to a standard even when I didn’t want to hear it.

All the hard work paid off at my heaviest in 2010 I was three hundred ninety pounds!! I am blessed to say that in 2015 I am two hundred and thirteen pounds!! I pray my story gives people hope that through God and hard work anybody can change their lives around for the better. God Bless!!!