Sascha 16

A Wise Way to Learn About Model Sascha Boedhoe

Sascha started off a dancer. She was part of a Hip Hop crew and they won several prices, but when she torned her meniscus, she quitte dancing and started to fully focus on music. In 2012 she released her first single ‘Murderer’, which won several radio prices in the Netherlands, such as the drop your […]


7 Year Dream of Running the Boston Marathon Completed

The Boston Marathon has been a dream of mine for the past 7 years. I never thought it would be achievable or that I would even have a shot running with elite runners. I have run three marathons in Cleveland and one in Canton, I did not train has hard as I should have, I […]

I was no longer able to sit on a solid surface. I was less than 90 pounds. My hair was thinning. I had heart palpitations and kidney trouble. I was unable to due to the anxiety and stress."

Anorexia, On the Verge of Destruction

My personal history with anorexia nervosa began in my late teens. Unfortunately, I fit the exact stereotype of a girl with an eating disorder. For me personally, the anxiety I was dealing with at that time in my life manifested in such a way. I went through some major life changes: my school closed so […]

two women mourn at the grave

Keeping the Family Together After Tragedy

[emaillocker] My name is Amber Kreiger and I am sharing my story of how I lost someone extremely close to me, and how my family and I dealt with the tragedy. First of all, I should start by telling you that I come from a blended family. Now, I know what most people think when […]

Conceptual photo of a marital infidelity

Infidelity and Abuse Story

[emaillocker] Infidelity and Abuse Story All of my relationships have ended with me being cheated on, which as far as high school and your early 20s go, that’s the norm. It’s always been easy for me to let go of what wasn’t for me. So, why I stayed with Darian I’m still not quite sure. […]

Motherly Intuition: Type One Diabetes Story

Motherly Intuition: Type One Diabetes Story

Motherly Intuition: Type One Diabetes Story Have you ever had that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something just wasn’t right? Being a mom of three crazy, beautiful, amazing kids I have gotten this feeling a lot but this time was different. On November 5th, 2013 while I was at a school meeting […]